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Storm Biz has dominated the internet hosting market since 2007. When it comes to sufficient service requirements, as well as quality hosted solutions, Storm Biz is second to none. We have done a lot of research in what clients want from a website hosting company, and with all the feedback we have received, we have set up numerous website hosting package that meets everyone's needs. We are your number 1 solution when it comes to Locally Hosted Servers, Cloud Storage as well as Dedicated Servers. Please feel free to follow the links below to see what great packages we have.

Locally Hosted Servers (South Africa)

We now offer 9 great packages for locally hosted websites. If you have a small website, or only use your domain for email, then we would recommend purchasing the Micro Web Hosting Package, which comes with a FREE Domain registration, or FREE Domain Transfer. The cost of this package is R240.00 per year and this is the best starter package available on the net.

Auto Dealership Website Design
Linux and Windows Website Hosting Packages


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