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Joomla website compatibility with PHP 7.1 - Will your site survive after 1 March 2019?

PHP 7The countdown has begun to the end of the era of PHP 7.0, 5.5  and older versions. As from 1 March 2019, Web hosts will no longer support or supply these versions of PHP to their clients. What does this mean to the business owner who has a Joomla/Wordpress or any other top CMS website? Sadly it means there will need to be a lot of sites updated, upgraded, or migrated, or even in some severe cases, redesigned!

StormBiz has already successfully transformed more than 350 websites to be PHP 7.2 compliance (The latest stable version of PHP). Clients who hold a monthly joomla management package with us have paid a minuscule fee to ensure their website is compliant, and will not ”break” after the change over on 1 March 2019!

We offer a superb management & hosting package to the public, and to Web design/Graphic design and Ad agencies, where we take the hassle away from keeping your website components and C.M.S. up to date! We also install security software, and website monitoring software to ensure your site is always live.

If your website has not been continuously updated on a weekly/monthly basis, and your template has not seen an update in the last 6 months, your site may not work after 1 March 2019. 

Please contact us for a free evaluation of your site, and we can advise you if your site will survive the PHP 7.1 changeover. The time for action is now...

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Great Milestone Achieved

10 years of service10 Years of ServiceIt is with great pride and satisfaction that we announce that StormBiz has now been operating for 10 years, and going strong.

StormBiz was started in March 2007 and, like a baby it grew day by day, step by step, until it has reached great heights and service to many clients.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank our loyal clients who have been with us since inception, and stuck with us throughout.  You have become part of the StormBiz family and we are proud of all you have also achieved over the years.

We look forward with anticipation to the next 10 years and beyond, and hope you will be with us on the ride to new heights.

Over the years we have expanded our business to enable us to offer more services to our clients.  We have become specialists in our field and all our work is done with pride.

Our services are:

•    Website Design
•    Web Hosting
•    Business Revamp
•    Graphic Design
•    Joomla Specialisation
•    Search Engine Optimization
•    Advertising and Marketing
•    Social Networking
•    Printed Material
•    Website Security, and more…

All our work is professionally done, and of the highest standard.

Please feel free to contact us for a free quotation, or to discuss any of your website requirements.

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Support Policy

To better assist you in any issues that you may have, we have moved all support to a ticketing system. This means that if you have any issues with email, hosting, design, or general queries, you will need to submit a support ticket. The only support that is excluded from this is if you need assistance in setting up an email. 

We understand that your website is what keeps your business going, and we do everything in our power to keep your website live 24/7/365. Unfortunately sometimes, some things happen outside of our control, and in these times it is critical to get a hold of us. If you feel that their is a critical situation on your website / emails, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to our FaceBook Page, and see if anything is posted there about server issues / email issues. If there is an issue, you will see that we have posted the issue there already, as well as estimated time of resolution. If you would like to comment on the issue, please feel free to do so, however do not use the facebook page to post any issues before going through the steps 2 - 4 below. Please also do not use our Facebook page to insult any clients, or Storm Biz. You will be banned from our page, and we will consider this a breach of contract.
  2. If you can connect to our site, please log a support ticket. If we are aware of any issues, we will immediately get back to you.
  3. If you cannot connect to our site, please first check if you can connect to other websites (not hosted by Storm Biz, i.e. or If you cannot connect to other websites, then please contact your internet service provider, as clearly you have an internet connection problem. If you can connect to other websites, but not your own, or our website, this does not mean that "the server is down". If there was a problem with the server, it would have been posted on Facebook... so please do not send us emails stating this.
  4. The final step is to contact us within our office hours on the following telephone numbers: 011 824-0455. Alternatively email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get back to you as soon as we can (this is not a substitute for our support ticketing system and should only be used if you cannot access our website, and critical assistance is needed). 99% of the time when you cannot access your email, your website or our webste is because the server has blocked your ip address, this is mostly caused by trying to receive emails more than 60 times per hour, failed logins on cpanel and webmail, or uploading suspicious files to your website. If the server is not down, we will still get your emails at the relevant support departments, so using the gmail address above is the best option when you have been blocked b the server. Once again, please do not state "the server is down".

Please do not call or sms our staffs' cellphones during out of office times.We have people monitoring email 24/7 and your emails will be replied to within the time schedule below. Please respect our staffs privacy, and utilize the support ticketing system for any queries you may have. The support system is in place so that we can monitor how long support takes, as well as the efficiency of our staffs response. This can help us improve support, and this way we can better assist your queries.

Please take note of our office hours below:
(Telephonic Support - +27 (0)81-525-1727):

Monday-Friday: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday-Sunday and Public Holidays: Tickets Only
Support Ticketing System: 24/7/365

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Storm Biz - Website Management, Responsive Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Design

Can you really afford to lose almost 60% of users browsing your website?

Business Website Design, Mobile Website Design, Speciality Website Design, Joomla Website Management, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing.

Storm Biz Responsive Design

small business

From the 1st October 2013, all websites that are designed by Storm Biz will now be Responsive Websites, fully view-able on mobile devices, tablets, desktops and laptops. What is Responsive Websites, why have we moved into this direction, and how does your website, traffic and users benefit from this, and finally what is the cost involved?

What is Responsive Websites Design?

We use the term responsive website design for websites that have a "different" display on tablets and mobile devices, compared to normal desktops and tablets. This is not the same as the old "Wap" websites, as the mobile and tablet version still contains graphics, and even image galleries and forms, or any components still found on a normal desktop version, the only difference is that the layout "responds" to the device that you are using, and there is no need to use the "Zoom" function on your phone to make the website readable and images view-able. Users do not want to keep scrolling up, down, left and right to view your content, they want it readable as it displays on the screen, anyone who has used an e-book device will know exactly how easy it is to read content that only scrolls down, and this is essentially what a responsive template creates.

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Website Hosting Packages

Storm Biz has dominated the internet hosting market since 2007. When it comes to sufficient service requirements, as well as quality hosted solutions, Storm Biz is second to none. We have done a lot of research in what clients want from a website hosting company, and with all the feedback we have received, we have set up numerous website hosting package that meets everyone's needs. We are your number 1 solution when it comes to Locally Hosted Servers, Cloud Storage as well as Dedicated Servers. Please feel free to follow the links below to see what great packages we have.

Locally Hosted Servers (South Africa)

We now offer 9 great packages for locally hosted websites. If you have a small website, or only use your domain for email, then we would recommend purchasing the Micro Web Hosting Package, which comes with a FREE Domain registration, or FREE Domain Transfer. The cost of this package is R240.00 per year and this is the best starter package available on the net.

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