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Joomla website compatibility with PHP 7.1 - Will your site survive after 1 March 2019?

PHP 7The countdown has begun to the end of the era of PHP 7.0, 5.5  and older versions. As from 1 March 2019, Web hosts will no longer support or supply these versions of PHP to their clients. What does this mean to the business owner who has a Joomla/Wordpress or any other top CMS website? Sadly it means there will need to be a lot of sites updated, upgraded, or migrated, or even in some severe cases, redesigned!

StormBiz has already successfully transformed more than 350 websites to be PHP 7.2 compliance (The latest stable version of PHP). Clients who hold a monthly joomla management package with us have paid a minuscule fee to ensure their website is compliant, and will not ”break” after the change over on 1 March 2019!

We offer a superb management & hosting package to the public, and to Web design/Graphic design and Ad agencies, where we take the hassle away from keeping your website components and C.M.S. up to date! We also install security software, and website monitoring software to ensure your site is always live.

If your website has not been continuously updated on a weekly/monthly basis, and your template has not seen an update in the last 6 months, your site may not work after 1 March 2019. 

Please contact us for a free evaluation of your site, and we can advise you if your site will survive the PHP 7.1 changeover. The time for action is now...

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Great Milestone Achieved

10 years of service10 Years of ServiceIt is with great pride and satisfaction that we announce that StormBiz has now been operating for 10 years, and going strong.

StormBiz was started in March 2007 and, like a baby it grew day by day, step by step, until it has reached great heights and service to many clients.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank our loyal clients who have been with us since inception, and stuck with us throughout.  You have become part of the StormBiz family and we are proud of all you have also achieved over the years.

We look forward with anticipation to the next 10 years and beyond, and hope you will be with us on the ride to new heights.

Over the years we have expanded our business to enable us to offer more services to our clients.  We have become specialists in our field and all our work is done with pride.

Our services are:

•    Website Design
•    Web Hosting
•    Business Revamp
•    Graphic Design
•    Joomla Specialisation
•    Search Engine Optimization
•    Advertising and Marketing
•    Social Networking
•    Printed Material
•    Website Security, and more…

All our work is professionally done, and of the highest standard.

Please feel free to contact us for a free quotation, or to discuss any of your website requirements.

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Support Policy

To better assist you in any issues that you may have, we have moved all support to a ticketing system. This means that if you have any issues with email, hosting, design, or general queries, you will need to submit a support ticket. The only support that is excluded from this is if you need assistance in setting up an email. 

We understand that your website is what keeps your business going, and we do everything in our power to keep your website live 24/7/365. Unfortunately sometimes, some things happen outside of our control, and in these times it is critical to get a hold of us. If you feel that their is a critical situation on your website / emails, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to our FaceBook Page, and see if anything is posted there about server issues / email issues. If there is an issue, you will see that we have posted the issue there already, as well as estimated time of resolution. If you would like to comment on the issue, please feel free to do so, however do not use the facebook page to post any issues before going through the steps 2 - 4 below. Please also do not use our Facebook page to insult any clients, or Storm Biz. You will be banned from our page, and we will consider this a breach of contract.
  2. If you can connect to our site, please log a support ticket. If we are aware of any issues, we will immediately get back to you.
  3. If you cannot connect to our site, please first check if you can connect to other websites (not hosted by Storm Biz, i.e. or If you cannot connect to other websites, then please contact your internet service provider, as clearly you have an internet connection problem. If you can connect to other websites, but not your own, or our website, this does not mean that "the server is down". If there was a problem with the server, it would have been posted on Facebook... so please do not send us emails stating this.
  4. The final step is to contact us within our office hours on the following telephone numbers: 011 824-0455. Alternatively email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get back to you as soon as we can (this is not a substitute for our support ticketing system and should only be used if you cannot access our website, and critical assistance is needed). 99% of the time when you cannot access your email, your website or our webste is because the server has blocked your ip address, this is mostly caused by trying to receive emails more than 60 times per hour, failed logins on cpanel and webmail, or uploading suspicious files to your website. If the server is not down, we will still get your emails at the relevant support departments, so using the gmail address above is the best option when you have been blocked b the server. Once again, please do not state "the server is down".

Please do not call or sms our staffs' cellphones during out of office times.We have people monitoring email 24/7 and your emails will be replied to within the time schedule below. Please respect our staffs privacy, and utilize the support ticketing system for any queries you may have. The support system is in place so that we can monitor how long support takes, as well as the efficiency of our staffs response. This can help us improve support, and this way we can better assist your queries.

Please take note of our office hours below:
(Telephonic Support - +27 (0)81-525-1727):

Monday-Friday: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday-Sunday and Public Holidays: Tickets Only
Support Ticketing System: 24/7/365

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Website Hosting Packages

Storm Biz has dominated the internet hosting market since 2007. When it comes to sufficient service requirements, as well as quality hosted solutions, Storm Biz is second to none. We have done a lot of research in what clients want from a website hosting company, and with all the feedback we have received, we have set up numerous website hosting package that meets everyone's needs. We are your number 1 solution when it comes to Locally Hosted Servers, Cloud Storage as well as Dedicated Servers. Please feel free to follow the links below to see what great packages we have.

Locally Hosted Servers (South Africa)

We now offer 9 great packages for locally hosted websites. If you have a small website, or only use your domain for email, then we would recommend purchasing the Micro Web Hosting Package, which comes with a FREE Domain registration, or FREE Domain Transfer. The cost of this package is R240.00 per year and this is the best starter package available on the net.

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Terms and Conditions

lease take careful consideration of the following terms and conditions which have been set in place to protect you, as well as Storm Biz. If you do not agree with these terms, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before placing your order. On placing your order, you acknowledge that you have read the terms and conditions, and you accept all the terms listed below, and that the acceptance of the terms and conditions creates a binding contract between you and Storm Biz. Please also note that the terms and conditions may change from time to time, and the onus is on our clients to adhere to these terms and conditions at all times:

Domain Policy:

When purchasing your website design or hosting, please enter full domain name as you require it, we are not responsible for domains that are incorrectly entered, and you will still be charged for the incorrect domain. Domain payments are sometimes covered in certain packages when purchasing, however Yearly Renewal of domains will be priced according to our price list on an annual basis. Please note that the annual renewals are not paid for in any type of subscription. All domains will only be registered once payment reflects in our account, or a proof of payment has been sent. First time customers who pay by credit card must please note that any international domains registered by a new customer, and paid for by credit card, can take up to 5 working days to reflect in our account due to credit card laws, and we will only register the domain after this 5 day period (for new customers only), existing customers will get their domains registered immediately. When your registration is successful, only then will your hosting account commence.

Please note that domain registration, paid or not, is done automatically through the various international and national registrars. We submit each domain when ordered, however it is the clients responsibility to ensure that their domain has in fact been registered, and failure to check if the domain is active will be the responsibility of the client. We do not take responsibility for any domains that have not been checked by our clients, misspelled, or incorrect TLD. We register the domains as provided. Domain registration goes hand in hand with website hosting, if you have chosen to register a domain, and you have chosen a website hosting package, then you have entered into an agreement with Storm Biz to host your domain/e-mail and website at the agreed cost. If your domain has been registered and hosted with us, then you are legally bound to pay the hosting fees, even if you do not use the website/domain or e-mail. (Hosting works the same as renting a house, when you rent a house, and you don't use it, you are still liable for the monthly payments)

Uniforum sometimes sends out suspension notifications, however this does not mean that your domain is suspended. Although registration is paid by you upfront, we pay a large amount of domains every month, and to save costs, and not carry these costs over to you, we only pay the domains once we have received the suspension notification. As long as your account is in good standing, and your domain renewal has been paid, then your domain will be paid by us before the suspension date.

Website Design Policy:

Your website will be created within 14 working days (unless otherwise specified) of receipt of all your content, logo, colours etc that we require to design your site. We do not start a website design until all information is supplied to us, the simple reason is that we need to know how many pages/buttons and content are required for the layout. When purchasing a website design, please purchase only what you need, remember that a 1-5 page website is exactly that, maximum 5 pages, so if you know you will have 15 pages, please select the package that has up to 15 pages. When placing your order please ensure that you will be able to send all content needed to design your website within 60 days of registration, failing to send this information within 60 days will mean that you forfeit your deposit, and we reserve the right to credit your hosting account for the deposit amount to be used up by hosting your domain/emails/website with us.

Monthly Web Design / Management Payment Policy:

When purchasing a monthly website design or monthly management package, you are required to fill in a debit order form with Storm Biz. We do not allow E.F.T.'s on these types of accounts (excepting for the first payment which may be made via Credit Card / E.F.T.), and unless prior arrangement has been made. All monthly design and / or management packages are locked in for 1 year, this means that you need to complete the 1 years payments to fulfill the contract, failure to do so will result on the total amount being paid upfront, and suspension / termination of your account will occur if failing to fulfill the 1 year contract. After the first year, you can cancel the contract anytime, by providing us with 1 calendar months’ notice in writing. Failing to fulfill your contract will incur lawyers costs, and you may be blacklisted for the outstanding amount.

Malicious content - inappropriate content:

Our servers are set up for the highest level of security against hackers, however we are not responsible for any updates that need to be done on a regular interval to your website script, or any added components, themes, modules etc. If you have not updated your website, and your website does get hacked, we will take your website down after 8 hours of notifying you via email, until the hacked files have been either removed by you, or by us (an un-hacking fee will be charged @ R350.00 to your account, and will need to be paid for before the website is restored). Failure to upgrade your site, and if you have been hacked three times, we will permanently remove your site from our server, and put the website in a zip file, so that you can have your website moved to a different host. Your account will still need to be paid up in full, and you will still need to provide one months’ notice, before we accept any tickets for you to move your website. Bear in mind that hosting also covers the domain hosting, e-mail hosting, as well as website hosting, for this sole reason you are still liable to pay the hosting even if your website has been removed.

Website Hosting Policy:

You are not required to host your website domain with us, however, we do recommend this as our servers have been specifically set up for the type of websites we design. We know that our Server can handle our website software, and we can't guarantee that other server's have been set up correctly. If you do wish to host your website by another provider, please ensure that your hosting account has PHP 5.2 or higher, as well as a MySQL database. When purchasing a website design package, and if for some reason the process has been delayed, the hosting fees are still valid. Hosting also carries e-mail, domain and your website. We do not tolerate any illegal websites. We will work with the correct law enforcement agency in capturing any individuals or organizations who use our web servers to promote illegal porn; illegal music or videos; illegal game downloads/warez and applications; illegal banking websites; or any other type of illegal website activity that is prohibited by South African or International Law. Any website found containing illegal content will be shut down immediately.

Website Backup Policy:

At all times we will have 3 backups of your site, 1 daily backup, 1 weekly backup, and 1 monthly backup. If there is a problem with your website, we will first try to restore the daily backup, if the problem still occurs in the daily backup, then we will restore to the weekly backup. If the weekly backup is the same as the daily backup, then we will have to restore back to the monthly backup. Please note that if alot of changes are made to your website, it is recommended that you do a manual backup yourself, This can easily be done by logging into your C-Panel, and going to Files -> Backup Wizard. We will not be held responsible for any changes that you may have made, and that are not in our automated backups. You have the tools to do manual backups, and keep your changes safe, if you are not capable of doing this, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will do a manual backup for you at R125.00 PER cPanel Account, and send you the link. (Please note that if you have multiple add on / parked domains, they all fall under 1 C-Panel Account, so the charge is only R125.00 For the entire account)

We will also make a local backup of all accounts at our office. This means that a duplicate weekly backup will always be kept off site.

Support Policy and Office Hours:

From the 1st September 2013, we will be utilizing a new support system. This system includes free and paid support. If you have a hosting query, i.e. set up email, set up ftp etc., then the support will be free. If you have a hosting or design query, i.e. do a manual backup, add a page, install or update a script, sort out compatibility issues, then the support will be charged. All support will now be done via our support area of our website. You will need to submit a ticket, and one of our support staff will contact you. WE WILL NOT BE OFFERING ANY SUPPORT VIA EMAILS SENT DIRECTLY TO US. Any emails sent to us, without a support ticket number, will be ignored. Please do not use staff members cellphones, or sms staff members for support queries outside the allocated office hours below. If you abuse the staff members privacy, we will consider this a breach of contract. The support ticket system will be in effect 24 hours. If the support ticket is urgent, then it will be attended to within 2 - 8 hours. If the support ticket is not urgent, then the support ticket will be attended to within 2 - 24 hours. To Read all about our support policy, times, and pricing, please go here.

Please take note of our office hours below (Telephonic Support - 073-560-5807):
Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Sunday, public holidays & out of office hours  (Email Support only)

Debit Order Policy:

We take every precaution to send our debit orders on the 1st or last day of the month. Please ensure that the funds do clear in your account, otherwise the penalties we incur will be forwarded to your account. Please also ensure that the debit orders are going off your account each month. We normally mark the accounts as paid once the debit order has been authorized, If you are still receiving notifications 3 - 5 days after due date, please contact us, as there may have been a problem with your payment. Please note that even though debit orders are the best way to do payments, it is still up to the account holder to check their account each month to ensure the debit order has been enforced.

Shopping Cart Policy:

When implementing your shopping cart, we install a maximum of 20 products. We then assist you telephonic-ally or by email in further implementation. Any products that are over the desired amount will be charged at R20.00 per product. A tutorial will be supplied once the website has been handed over on receipt of your e-mail of acceptance. Only then will you receive admin rights to edit your site as you choose.

Business Directory/Property Listings/Vehicle Listings/Other Listings Policy:

When designing your directory listings website, we only set up your categories and layout. We do not add listings/properties/products or vehicles. We will assist you telephonically or via e-mail on how this is done. Once we have the database set up, you will easily be able to add your listings, or your customers will be able to add their listings to your website. A tutorial will be supplied once the website has been handed over on receipt of your e-mail of acceptance. Only then will you receive admin rights to edit your site as you choose.

Payment Due Dates:

Our hosting / monthly web design payments due date is the 1st of every month. You will receive an invoice 15 days before the due date (this reminder is automated, so if you have a debit order set up, please ignore all reminders). We have implemented a 7 day leniency where you will have a further 7 days to pay your account (in case the 1st falls on a weekend). On the seventh day however your account will be automatically suspended and a 10% late fee will be added. Your account will only be re-instated once the outstanding amount is paid up (including the late fees). If you are however having some kind of problem, please feel free to contact our accounts department to make special arrangements. If your website design / hosting is not paid for a 90 day period, you will forfeit any domains, and your website will be sold to cover any outstanding costs. Please ensure any payments are up to date, if your website / domain is not sold within a further 60 days, you will be handed over to the credit bureau. If your website has been suspended, we will not re-instate any websites that have been paid by cheque, until the cheque has been cleared. If your account has to be paid by cheque, please contact our accounts department to make arrangements before paying by cheque.

Refund Policy:

We offer exceptional services, however we do not refund deposits as per our terms above. We will design your site until you are happy. We also do not refund hosting packages. If you prefer a month to month package, please change your subscription package by contacting our accounts department within 14 days before your subscription period expiry date. Failing to do so will mean that you will be renewing your account. Cancellation of hosting accounts need to be done with 1 calendar month notice from the 1st of the due month. Cancellation needs to be done via email, from the owner of the account. Once the account has been settled, and the 1 month notice has been paid, you will be free to move your domain at any time within the notice period. If for any reason you need to move your domain / website, and you have paid some time in advance for hosting, then the remaining time will be credited to your account (less the 1 month notice period).


  1. 1. SWH undertakes to transfer/Register a Domain name for the Company or Individual. (This is free with certain packages only)
    2. SWH undertakes to establish a Hosting Service for the Company or Individual.
    3. It is hereby agreed that SWH will have complete artistic control of the product and design, in collaboration with Client on their requirements.
    4. Work will commence only when the required 50% deposit of cost of Invoice or Estimate has been paid, and funds verified and cleared.
    5. SWH will be in regular communication with the client, and request inspection of the completed work to Client satisfaction.
    6. SWH undertakes to create Meta Tags as appropriate for the website and include these in the appropriate place on the website for Search Engine use. (Free with certain packages, but SWH charges a nominal fee for this service.)
    7. SWH undertakes to submit the new Website to at least 40 Search Engines including google, yahoo, MSN and Ananzi. (Only if the S.E.S. package has been purchased as SWH charges a nominal fee for this service.)
    8. SWH undertakes to activate the site on completion, provided full payment of fees due have been received, verified and cleared.
    9. SWH undertakes to complete the project in as short a time as possible, with a guideline of 14 days from start to launch as an agreed work time period.


1. Client undertakes to provide SWH with Payment facilities for Domain and Hosting services as requested.
2. Client agrees to provide 50% deposit of accepted quote ON PRESENTATION OF INVOICE by direct deposit/ credit card payment or bank transfer before work will commence . Cheques accepted only by prior arrangement.
2a. Client agrees to pay remainder of full costs on completion of work, on presentation of Invoice BEFORE website will be activated.
3. Client will provide all images, Logos, letterhead examples, and information copy for inclusion on the Website.
4. Client agrees to respond to all requests for data and Website requirements in a timely manner. See Penalty Delay Clause
5. Client undertakes to make known all issues that are not to their satisfaction so these may be resolved prior to completion of project.
6. Client understands and agrees that a time constraint is set on all such contracts, and in general, a maximum of 14 days is set as the frame for start to finish of project, unless complexity of job dictates otherwise. Penalty fees are applied after 14 Days. - See Penalty Delay Clause
7. After completion of original site, Client has a period of 7 (seven) days to advise of any errors or corrections to be made on the site. After that time, any changes, alterations or modifications are charged at standard maintenance rates, per hour.
8. SWH has added website requirement downloads for our various packages to the client area's Download Section, to assist in the breakdown of content that we require. This is a guideline of what we need to accurately design your website. Please use these documents to better portray your website needs! (These documents can only be downloaded once you have signed into the client area)


This clause is NOT optional. Failure to accept this clause, or alteration or deletion of it renders the contract invalid.
Most standard website projects can, and will be, completed in a maximum of 14 days from date of receipt of deposit, and commencement starts on receipt of ALL content necessary to design the website.
That date of receipt of ALL content determines the start date of the project
This timeline is established for several reasons. It is a reminder to the Client that requested information and images for the website must be supplied PROMPTLY on request, in order to adhere to that timeline.
SWH cannot undertake to extend projects indefinitely. This is counterproductive to business in general, time management, and financial planning.
For those reasons, in the event any project extends past a MAXIMUM 14 DAY period from the start date, SWH reserves the right to apply Penalty Fees at the rate of R500.00 PER WEEK OR PART THEREOF past the established project completion point, unless arrangements have been made beforehand.
These fees will be reflected on the final invoice for payment before the site can be activated. To avoid such delay penalties, the client assumes the responsibility to ensure that they work with SWH to provide promptly, all required input for the site.


1. The costs of subsequent maintenance, updates and upkeep are NOT included in the package price, and will be billed separately each month, based on an agreed amount between SWH and the customer beforehand. Maintenance requires a 6 or 12 month Contract signed to perform this work. NO RETAINER FEES ARE CHARGED. Client is billed only for work done, when required.
2. Any additional work deemed to be outside the scope of the original agreement* shall be charged for at additional cost, based on an agreed amount between SWH and the customer beforehand.

*This may include, but not be limited to, Additional pages, image research, data research, or requests for functionality not originally agreed upon.

  1. 3. Please note that when we design your site, we always include the link to our site in the footer of your website. This link is there for legal reasons in case any person or entity needs to get hold of the site owner, and the site owner is either unavailable, or unreachable. You may request a removal of this link at a cost of R1000.00 if you do not wish to have this link on your site, however this will need to be done via email before the design process. If the link is removed by anyone else except employees of SWH, then you will be billed R1000.00 for the removal of this link, and your site will be suspended / put off line until payment is made.
  2. 4. This agreement does not cover any work on any projects other than the Website. SWH is happy to perform miscellaneous DESIGN functions such as Logos, brochures, ad preparation etc., but these are charged by agreement between client and SWH on a price structure beforehand.
  3. 5. We preserve the right to cancel any contracts with a client that does not adhere to our terms and conditions above. If you are found to breach the terms and conditions above, then we will give you 72 hours’ notice to find a different host, and move your domain, emails and websites. We will back up your website, and provide you with a link to download the full backup files and database. Once we have provided the backup you will have 72 hours before we terminate your account, as well as your back up file. If your new host does not have the ability to move your website, we will gladly move your site at R1000.00 per domain/website. If you are found to have breached the terms and conditions above, your account termination will not incur a credit, as you have breached the contract with us.
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