Forum Component

Forum Component

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Compose your questions or post replies with the built-in text editors, TinyMCE, JCE Editor, RedactorJS and many more! Add some fun into your text with BBCodes, too.
Remote Publishing
Even if you are away from your computer, you can still post by emailing to a pre-defined email address in EasyDiscuss where it fetches your posts from the mailbox and automatically post in the discussions for you.
Make your posts interesting by inserting images, PDFs and videos into discussions. It will also make reading posts easily understood.
Favorite Posts
You can keep the best posts above the rest by setting them into favorites. It works like a bookmark for posts.
Code Syntax
Advanced users can customize posts by adding in special codes into the discussions.
URL Tagging
You can attach URLs that are relevant to the forum to better cross-refer your posts.
Tag your discussions with relevant keywords for future reference and easy searchability.
Location Services
Share and tag the location of your discussions with images of maps, powered by Google Maps.
Featured Items
You can highlight important discussions and display them in the forum front page to gain more exposure.

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