Website Marketing -  Intermediate

Website Marketing - Intermediate

R 3,950.00

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This is still ideal for small to medium companies who need a marketing specialists to take control of their companies marketing needs on Facebook, twitter, email marketing and link generation, but will provide a higher yield than our starter package. We will migrate your business website to the latest Joomla (if needed), optimize your website for search engines, and market your business on social networks as well as generate links to your website. The full range of benefits are:

Once Off Setup R3750.00:

  1. Redesign your website into a Joomla C.M.S. website.
  2. or Update your Joomla to the latest version.
  3. Install / upgrade MijoSEF optimization software, and optimize all website links, keywords and Meta tags.
  4. Set up a blog to manage all your articles, with easy to use Facebook, twitter, linked in share buttons on each article.
  5. Move all existing articles to your blog.
  6. Connect your blog to auto post to Facebook and Twitter when a new article is added.
  7. Recreate all menu items from articles, to blog articles instead.
  8. Design / revamp Facebook header image.
  9. Design / revamp Twitter header image.
  10. Install / update ACY Mailing newsletter component.
  11. Install / update Contact Enhanced.
  12. Set up your website marketing reports.

Monthly Marketing Management - R3950.00:

  1. Update Joomla and all components on your website (managed every Friday).
  2. Manage your Facebook page – per month:
    • Facebook posts per month (generated Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) – 12
    • Share each post on the day of generation into 20 advertising pages in your area (generated Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) – 240
  3. Design and send out newsletters per month (bi-weekly on Wednesdays) – 2
  4. Genuine Incoming links per month - (generated Friday) - 24
  5. Post 1 ad per week on OLX - 4
  6. Post 1 ad per week on Junkmail - 4
  7. Monthly Full SEO Report
  8. Monthly Full Site Rank Report

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