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Speedspace Joomla Website - Website has been completely re-vamped for SEO, Responsiveness, and Online Marketing. This is a custom website, designed from the ground up. StormBiz has been contracted to manage, optimise, update and secure Speedspaces' website. StormBiz also manages Speedspace's Botswana Website, as well as SpeedStore Websites, Both South African and Botswana versions.

The website template design boasts 9 different colours for the different products offered. Website has been optomized for Desktop, tablet and mobiles. Website includes 9 different galley colours, as well as enhanced contact form to capture more information than the standard joomla contact form. Website has been optimized for search engines with SEO Url's, meta tags, descriptions and keywords. This website has numerous first page rankings, due to optimization and professionally written copy.


  • CategoryWebsite Design
  • Date04/2017
  • C.M.S.Joomla Content Management System
  • Responsive DesignWebsite complies with all Google responsive requirements
  • GalleryWebsite has a customised gallery
  • Enhanced Contact PageWebsite has multiple enhanced contact pages, including Google maps integration and custom fields.
  • Managed by StormBizWebsite is maintained, updated and monitored by StormBiz

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